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Our company was founded in may of 1992, Is the Yangminghua leads one group of unemployed by chairman of theboard to self-provide a private enterprise which the fund establishes, Produce and sell the glass craftwork十分彩。employees are 300,total assets are1.9 hundred million
company establish later,The huaying people expand enterprising,Cause huaying keep on the fast and healthy development.Our company carry out the import and export to self-run in 2001,Direct and outside the company built up the business come-and-go.finished has completely relied on the foreign trade exportation thehistory.
come into existence shijiazhuang huaying Imp&Exp CO.,LTD In October of 2003十分彩。pioneer an enterprise with painstaking efforts more than ten years,The employee is developped 3200 people by 50 people,Having 30 develop total property of the 1.9 hundred million,create the productively a hundred million in  2006,ratepaying 8 million。
our company having  6 electric melting furnace and  4 circular furnace
, andhave the mold factory, the boxboard plant and so on the necessaryfactory. Corporate business scope broad, the technical force is abundant, alsoenjoys the independent self-management import and export power.Produces the candlestick, the daily necessities, the ash-tray and soon 6 big series approximately more than 3,000 varieties glass craftproducts completely export. Mainly sells to US, Canada, Sweden, Germany, the Middle East and so on35 countries and the area. Because our company product quality high, prestige good, continuouslyfor several years product falls short of demand, successively had oninternational well-known big merchant like US Wal-Mart, thetower opens, Ikea of Sweden, the Hong Kong advantage and soon the company establishes the long-term service intercourse with theour company, the market prospect has been extremely optimistic.
The company has the advanced complete set production equipment, ininherits the traditional process in the foundation, we have introducedthe international advanced production technology and the consummationquality control system, the fusion different design style, theproduction product are manifesting the personal status and the fashionall. Besides conventional suppressed product, but also may carry on thesand blasting to the product, trace a design in gold, roasts coloredas well as handpainted and so on the deep processing, satisfies thecustomer the different demand. The company passed "ISO 9,001" the quality control systemauthentication, the ISO 14,001 environment management systemauthentication and the GB/T 28,001 occupations healthy safety controlsystem authentication. The strict quality control passes through to entire production workingprocedure each link, guarantees provides for the customer is thehighest quality product and the most perfect service. The enterprise passed a world 500 strong Wal-Mart, the towerhas opened, Glassco and so on 12 international well-known bigcompanies' appraisal approvals, thus formed the fixed supply chain,the product has fallen short of demand, the market prospect was quiteoptimistic.
Huaying develops for ten years, once isawarded "the national helping the poor main item enterprise", the AAA level credit enterprise, Entered the Shijiazhuang city privately operated enterprise 50 to bestrong, The electricity furnace project is also listed as the Hebei Provincekey project,Huaying synthesis strength  before the Chinese glass profession placethree, suppresses the scale to be situated the Chinese glassprofession first place. In 2005, company chairmen of the board the Yangminghua is awardedby the State Council "the national model worker" the title of honor. This in the national glass profession is only, in the same year waselected as Chinese light industry glass chamber of commerce vice-director
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